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See the FAQ's below to help navigate the website. If you still have questions, please contact us.

View My Benefits

Existing clients can access their client-specific page here or under the Client navigation tab labeled in bold. This page contains eligibility information, contribution rates, and benefit summaries with links to plan resources.

Obtain My Login Credentials

Login credentials will be provided to the plan administrator. If you did not receive or forgot your login credentials, you can call us at (802) 879-7043.

Submit an Enrollment Form

Logged-in users can find an enrollment form on their client-specific page through the "Enrollment Form" button.

Know My Data is Secure

This website uses SSL encryption to prevent attackers from identifying any visitors of the website. Schill Insurance Group, LLC collects data from user-submitted forms such as enrollment forms and contact forms. Enrollment data is encrypted on submission using OpenPGP utilities, ensuring only Schill Insurance Group, LLC can decrypt and access the sensitive data. Should anyone get access to the file containing your information, they will not be able to read it. Read more about OpenPGP and our privacy policy here.